The UCSC Consulting Group
Bridging the gap from the classroom to the workplace.

Gesher Group is a pro-bono, student run business consulting organization comprised of UC Santa Cruz’s most ambitious students. Our clients include small businesses like Blix bikes, Ventana, DagM8, and SockShop as well as large corporations such as Target, Disney and GoPro. We offer a broad range of services to meet the needs of your business by fostering an environment amongst our members that encourages growth.


Gesher Group offers services ranging from implementing effective strategies to enhance developer programs to writing business proposals. We have tackled immense data-driven projects involving data analytics and search engine optimization.

What is Gesher


Our mission is to provide exceptional consulting services to our clients by pinpointing areas for growth and creating innovative business solutions. Known for delivering timely, quality professional services through a multidisciplinary approach, Gesher Group has grown to be a trusted partner for some of the biggest names across the industry.


Gesher Group values a culture of growth and enthusiasm inside and outside the organization. We believe that we can provide valuable experience for college students while simultaneously delivering high quality content for our clients.