The UCSC Consulting Group
Bridging the gap from the classroom to the workplace.

Gesher Group Consulting is a student-led organization that helps businesses stay competitive even in rapidly changing markets. We will work with 4-5 clients every quarter applying the newest tools in our repertoire, continuously updating our technique. Our biggest strength is in our consultants, top talent sourced from the best at UC Santa Cruz, each with bright and innovative ideas not yet constrained by traditional thinking.


We at gesher consulting group pride ourselves in our novel and creative strategies that our talent comes up with. Our consultants have a fresh perspective unconstrained by tradition. We like to start from the root of the problem to ensure that we provide value to our clients.

What is Gesher


Gesher Group values a culture of growth and enthusiasm inside and outside the organization. We believe that we can provide valuable experience for college students while simultaneously delivering high quality content for our clients.